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Magnus Ingevall,
Business development manager,
Connect Öst

"One workshop with Winning Flows was all it took for us to completely change our approach to what goes on in our business. In the short run it entails a clarity and common ground in management which simplifies the work and makes it more concrete. In the long run it vastly improves the conditions for planning our operation, to remove bottlenecks and increase the effect of what we do."

My own thoughts and comments:

About the concept
The concept is developed to support a long-term development in a new, difficult time. It is perhaps a bit strange that we would enter such a competitive branch with a new concept, but after having worked for so long with different types of process development, change and accessibility, along with demands for sustainable growth and good communication, we are convinced that there is a need for a new kind of tool, which elucidates the whole which comprise our businesses in a managable way. The concept and tools were developed by Erika Bellander through her background as MSc in aerodynics and through her knowledge of the field which she obtained through her work as CEO, CIO, business consultant and teacher at the KTH Royal Institute for Technology.

We notice that there is a need for the concept and that both profit and experience come both immidiately and in the long run. It creates a new and exciting time, where learning, joy of discovery and pride of what can really be achieved takes over.

It is a new and well throught-through Swedish concept to create larger, sustainable businesses in the future.

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