Value Flow Improvement Evaluation
Assess your unit´s strategic process maturity directly online!

You will get a % value for your unit that shows the ability to generate good results.
The subjective judgements that brings out the value helps in forming the change work to increase the process maturity.

We also want to visit you and make a full measurement at your unit. It takes approx 1 hour the first time and needs your full attention. This might be used directly in for example a Balanced Scorecard. Call us for more info.

The measurement is based on the 6 STEPs for process change

Bellwox Business Flow Webb Board
Visualize your business flow online!

You can sketch the flow from inlet to outlet, draw and chat, and share the picture with Bellwox staff or with your friends.

Password is : llakj23843LWJ
that you have to enter and shoose multi user and invite others or single user.

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