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I just want to share my happiness with you and to thank you because during my master\\\'s studies at KTH, I had learned meaningful things from your courses. Sharing your professional experiences and different points of view to see the things, were part of my success. I took the challenge to participate in an innovation challenge and invited my friend to do so, later on we submitted the business plan with an application proposal which uses a peer-to-peer communication platform which will work for androids mobile phones. That\\\'s how we created eCO2share, which consist into share or to buy 2nd hand items but promoting an environmental conscience and promoting to reduce the consumption/ manufacturing and therefore to decrease the footprints (carbon emissions).The idea is to create local communities, share things with our classmates and friends, coworkers or neighbors. Finally, Yesterday night, we got the 1st place and the chance to develop the application.


thanks for your motivation!

Rubi Soto
Project Management Master\\\'s student


It is such an honor to work with Erika. She always has a inventive attitude both in the university and business. We just finished with “Manage Winning Flows in Creative Design”


which I call it a valuable training experience

Bahram Hooshyar Yousefi

My own thoughts and comments:

About our concept!

The concept is made to support a long term development in a new and difficult time. It is maybe somewhat odd to enter a such hard branch with a new concept.
After having worked for a long time with business process mappings from a business perspective, implementation of larger IT-systems as SAP and PLM, decision support (BSC), and combining this with new demands on a sustainable development and a new type of communication, I am profoundly convinced that the overview over the whole business has been terribly \"chopped up\".

That is why new type of management structures and models are needed, that is based on modern findings in many different disciplines and puts these together in a whole that our businesses is comprised of in a manageable way.
The structures i have put together, with help from my background as an aeronautical engineer and through knowlede within the area gained along the road.

It might happen that the concept feels new and strange to bring in at the beginning, but along the way the genuine is showing up. There after every small step in understanding becomes a giant step in Your development. Gains will come and give a new exiting every day life, where learning, joy of discovery and proudness about the possibilities to perform will take over.

This is a completely new and thought through swedish concept, based on things you need to know when creating new sustaining companies in the future.

Do not hesitate, take contact, support and help us in our endeavour to sread the concept and ideas futher.

U p

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