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The business can be creative, structured, efficient and prosperous!

Our aim at the moment are creative and productive companies. Common is the need for new ways to work in the future businss.

We have a basis is in industrial R&D and production, but have experience all from smaller companies to governmental institutions.
Small companies or firms
Mid-size company or network of companies
Larger companies, enterprizes or organizations

Small companies or firms

Control: - The management is performed by a small number of persons. More people are often connected to the company and work on consultant basis, for example for IT, controling, marketing and PR.

Situation - Either you struggle with hard competetition and or you have unique products increasing the selling a lot.

Problem: - Very much is ongoing, but you cannot manage all that's needed to do. The difficult task is to manage the balance between tasks, roles and responsibilities.
The wish is to grow and become a stable company.

Offer: - Help to be coordinated, and targeted, with a structured and efficient organization. We can help to broaden the business, increase volumes and find future ways of working.

Aim: - You can concentrate on the operative work and marketing, and get help with the long term strategics.

Work order: - We start with
an introduction seminar with

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Mid-size company or network of companies

Control: - The management is with a number of key people. You have many employees and feels comfortable in the organization. The management team is small and very operatively efficient.

Situation: - There are employees dealing with financials and purchasing and logiscs, and there are external supliers for IT engaged, perhaps via the cloud. The operative works well, but maybe not optimal. Certifications are probably not in the nearest future, but is a goal to be able to bring on lager customers.

Problem: - You have few key customers and a broad offer of services and products that are difficult to keep up to date, as well as a difficulty to follow up and control and are sensitive to changes in the market and among the personnel.

Offer: - Help to structure the business processes and balance between operative and strategic work.

Aim: - To take on the larger companies way of strategic work and grow continuously and secure. This has to be done at the same time as there are daily challenges in the operative work and prepare for future certifications and larger customer orders.

Work order: - We startup with by a joining talk and an introduction seminar based on

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Larger companies, enterprizes or organizations

Control: - The management is distributed on one or many management teams or boards. You have many employees and a given place on the market.

Situation: - The strategic work is ongoing, but not as optimal as intended. Certifiecations may be performed but hard to keep, and the work is not always percieved as meaningful. There are departments for financials, supply management and logistics, sometimes also for IT, HR and IT, but these may be on another level or even outsourced.

Problem: The management often gets squeesed by different interests in a complex environment and have difficulties with getting enough profit. The operative work and firefighting is prioritized in mid levels and the strategic work is set back. The risk is to end up in a negative trend where cut downs or cost cutting are daily present.

Offer: - We support You regardless of level, and create a regular and reasonable change work and make use of the strengths.

Aim: - To get the management work more strategic at the same time as performing operative challenges, and minimze firefighting and optimize work efforts to keep certifications and customer satisfaction.

Work order: - We start with a couple of discussions about the business, then we have a an introduction seminar with the management team and work with
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